Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Laptop Does Not Mix Well With Water

So I poured a cup of water over my laptop Tuesday morning. Poured it across the back of the screen, really. But I heard sizzle and pop at some point. Unplugged it. It shut down. Took out the battery.

But I opened it up and let it dry for a day and it works fine on the power cord. Have yet to test it on battery. *crosses fingers*

I scared myself when I plugged it back in a few hours after the accident and the computer wouldn't start up. Thought I'd be buying another laptop.

I'm going to set up a backup scheme. I've told myself this before without follow-through, but I'm pretty sure I'll get around to it this time.

1 comment:

Alok said...

I would never dare to do anything of that sort in my wildest dreams....