Monday, March 31, 2008

An Accident

I rear-ended a car today. Actually two cars. I was very glad no one was hurt, though the other drivers seemed unsure of whether their neck/back was injured.

Don't know why I didn't stop in time. I'm still trying to figure it out.

It was raining. Had been for a while. Maybe the window was foggy. It was certainly foggy when I was driving back from the accident an hour afterwards.

I thought that I had I heard my phone ring. I mentioned this to the other drivers, that "my phone rang" while explaining what happened. But by the time the police officer arrived, my words had transformed in their minds and they were wondering if I was talking on the phone at the time of the accident.

While my vehicle and driver license info was being processed, I checked my phone's call history and there was no incoming/missed call. Maybe it was the radio or it was the sound of collision or maybe it was my imagination. It wouldn't have mattered anyway as that was precisely the moment my car made contact with the first car. I explained this to the police officer at the scene, but I wonder if I cleared it up properly as all I wanted at the time was to go home.

Well, hope it all works out. Gotta sleep. Gotta go to work tomorrow so I can pay for my insurance premium which I'm sure will rise due to this.

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