Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Do Not Want to Extend My Auto Warranty Coverage

I get calls from "extend your auto warranty" telemarketers, almost every day. Mostly on my work phone and sometimes on my cellphone (despite it being illegal for telemarketers to call cellphones).

It sucks nasty meatballs. But wait. There's more. Months ago, I finally stayed on and talked to a rep. They wanted make, model and year of my car. They didn't even know how old my car was! All they had was my number! Haha. They were National Dealers of St Peters, MO. I clearly told the rep that I want my information taken off THEIR system. He then forwarded me to their "do not call department" - a recorded message instructing me to make use of the national do-not-call registry. I had to chuckle at their audacity. They basically gave me the finger.

It was awful nice of them when later they started offering an option to "press 3" to get off their list. Too bad it didn't work.

And now, even as my phone numbers sit on the do-not-call list, their autodialer calls. It instructs me to "press 2" to take advantage of this "final notice" to extend my auto insurance.

So today, I press 2. I wait for a rep. She asks me for my vehicle's make, model and year. Instead of answering, I ask for the name and location of the company she works for. *CLICK* she hangs up abruptly.

My guess is that it's the same scum from St. Peters.

Hope they get shut down soon. I'm having hard time suppressing the urge to drive down there to drill holes through their equipment.

Found an article from MSNBC on these car warranty companies, written two months ago. That could explain why they didn't bother to give me the company info today.

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